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 Basic questions about kewei mould

Jan. 09, 2019

1. How many molds could you make every year? — 450-500 sets of molds. (depends on the size and complexity)

2. How about the largest mold you ever made? —15 ton with 2.5 meters long for TOYOTA parts. 

3. What’s the percentage of Automotive molds you made, what’s the brands?About 50% for Automotive industry. Famous Brands include Toyota, Tesla, BMW, Audi, and Honda.

4.How about the steel you usually use?We only use raw materials with good quality and Certification. NAK80,738H,P20,1.2311,1.2344,420SS,S-7,S136,and 1.2767 ect,. They are  all from famous suppliers such as LKM,ASSAB,THYSSEN and DAIDO.

5.How about the standard components you use?we use standard components from brand such as LKM,DAIDO,HASCO,DME.

6.How long do you need for quotation? What do you need for quotation?Usually we provide quotations within 24 hours, but if too many tools, will be within 2 working days. We need 2D or 3D part drawings and specification such as cavity number, steel request, material ect,. Sometimes, samples are also ok to quote. 

7. What is your lead time for mold building?It depends. According to our current experience, 4-8 weeks for small size to big size.

8. Do you sign NDA(non disclose agreement)? —Yes, we understand that all your design and information are confidential. It is absolutely no problem to sign a NDA before cooperation. And it is our obligation to protect your information unless having your approval to let the third party know.

9: What’s Quality in kewei mold?— We ensure the rationale of design by using mold CAD, CAE ,CAM and other computer software programs in product and mold design; We use CAD programs to output 2D drawings and 3D images, use CAE simulation to determine the optimal manufacturing model, and then use CAM for computer simulation.Guarantee the perfect quality of mold and products by using high precision mold-making, measuring equipments and injection machines. Otherwise,  Kewei mold ensures the perfect design and manufacturing only one time by running the strict quality system, ISO practice are a part of our daily routine and culture of business.

10: Follow-up service in kewei mold? — Kewei mold not only provides procurement and program management service in our specialize field, but also provides perfect follow-up service to our customers, such as providing spare parts for replacement and performing repair and revision work to reduce the risk of our customers.


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