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Plastic Injection Moulding Lead Times

Dec. 14, 2018

Plastic Injection Moulding Lead Times



There are many reasons for the global success of plastic injection moulding as a high volume manufacturing process, most notably speed of production and low unit costs.


If plastic injection moulding does have an Achilles heel, then it would be the lead-time to production, and that is simply down to the time it takes to have a mould tool designed and manufactured.  With the best will in the world, production tooling takes weeks not days, and theres been no shortage of market forces trying to speed this up over the years!

AND, as we know, “Lead time” is defined as the total amount of time required to obtain a product, from purchase order to finished item. In other words, the lead time for a mold extends from the moment a purchase order is received by the moldmaker to the moment the mold is delivered to the company ordering the mold. In earlier days, the lead time may have been 36 weeks or longer for injection mold. Nonetheless, In today’s competitive environment, lead time are critical because dictate when a product can get to its market.


What is a typical lead-time for production injection moulding?

In a nutshell, At Kewei a large proportion of our business involves the injection moulding of automotive ,medical and optical transparent parts. In our company:

Quotation: make offers during 1-2 days once inquiry is received.

Design: make 2D mould design during one week

Manufacturing: 5~10weeks for production moulds(normal size)

                         3~6weeks for prototype moulds (normal size)

We can provide the fastest service,Send us an email if you’d like more information.  

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