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Beginning of Chang’an International Machinery Hardware Mold Exhibition

Jun. 08, 2017

October 12, 2016, the 16th China (Changan) International Machinery Hardware Mold Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Changan show") in Chang'an Town, Crown Changrong International Hardware mold opening, the show attracting domestic and foreign merchants, professional procurement group, Exhibitors and other representatives of more than 3,000 people attended. Opening ceremony, Dongguan City, cross-border electrical business die industry association was established and unveiled.

Since 2001, Chang'an town continuously held a series of professional hardware exhibition, this year is the 16th. The theme of this exhibition is "mold town, equipped with China" to build a "high, refined, sharp" industry exhibition platform, held in the same period 2016 mold industry (Dongguan) innovation seminar.

The main exhibition venue is located in Evergreen International Hardware Mold Square, and the other two sub-venues are located in Chang'an Trade City Hardware Mold Square and Poly (" International) Machine Tool City. The exhibition is set up temporary special equipment, a total of 650 standard booths, shop booth 2000, divided into brand special equipment, machine tools and equipment exhibition, mold and accessories exhibition, hardware and electrical exhibition, e-commerce area, financial services exhibition, Chang'an Mold , Industry media exhibition area and other functional exhibition, the total exhibition area of more than 200,000 square meters.

During the exhibition, the organizers also held a four-day mechanical hardware mold industry product sales, some exhibitors will be the main push in the exhibition with environmental protection, energy saving and other characteristics of the metal mold products.

It is noteworthy that the exhibition launched a group exhibition area, attracted the Dongguan City Hardware Machinery Die Industry Association, Changzhou Xi Xia Shu Tools Association and other industry associations to participate in the delegation to participate in the group of nearly 100 member companies. Organizing Committee special Dongguan mold enterprises exhibition area, of which Chang'an local more than 40 well-known enterprises in the industry exhibitors, focus on the industry show all kinds of quality products.

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