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International Rubber and plastic exhibition ended in Guangzhou,Modified plastic into a trillion class venture tuyere

Jun. 16, 2017

May 19, 2017 Chinaplas ended in Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center , the first domestic new polymer materials development and entrepreneurship forum held at the same time, all new materials enterprises from around the world , investment institutions, entrepreneurs from the technology, investment and entrepreneurship Perspective on the Development of Industry. New materials as one of the three key technologies in the 21st century,it is the basis of high-tech development and the pilot. As one of the four new materials, new polymer materials (also known as "modified plastics"), because of its wide market, the rapid development of new venture has become a new outlet.

Reporters learned that the global demand for modified plastics show growing up trend these years. It is noteworthy that, with the home appliances thin, low cost, safety and environmental protection needs, modified plastics in the application of home appliances will be more and more. In addition, with the trend of lightweight vehicles, the automotive industry demand for modified plastics will continue to rise. According to experts estimate that the future of China's modified plastics will be more than one trillion yuan market capacity, involving a wide range of downstream areas, entrepreneurial opportunities are very many. In recent years, capital gradually favored the new materials industry, the domestic set up a number of related industry funds.

However, the current China's plastics industry as a whole "scattered small random and weak", high-end products rely on imports, the core technology in the hands of foreign companies. In this context, Jin Yang Group launched China's first modified plastic business platform on April 2016.

Reporters learned that the Jin Yang formed a professional R & D team, the joint industry experts, continue to build a strong technical strength of the industry incubator, and quickly capture the new energy vehicles, aerospace, high-speed rail, home appliances in the field of lightweight , Flame retardant, high strength, environmental protection and other aspects of the development trend, independent research and development of a series of high-end products, some products are made forward-looking breakthrough. It is reported that the platform operation only less than one year, it has been successful to help more than 20 practitioners to achieve a business dream.

The current rubber and plastics exhibition, Jin Yang and other well-known enterprises in the industry show a full range of micro-foam materials, low odor materials, spray-free materials, toughening flame retardant materials such as 60 balance of high technological content, excellent performance, environmental safety innovation Modified plastic products for the automotive lightweight, home appliances thin fashion, smart home and other innovative applications to provide comprehensive customization solutions. National New Materials Industry Development Expert Advisory Committee, Dr. Xu Jian believes that Jin Yang model to solve the industry problems provide a reference and can be copied experience. (Economic Daily reporter Pang Caixia) --From China Economic Net

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