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Exhibitor. 2018 NPE The International Exhibition

Aug. 22, 2018

 NPE : " The International Exhibition / Show for Plastics " is the largest and most historical exhibition for Plastics and Rubber Industry in the USA. It is also the second largest Event for The Plastics Industry . It is held by The Plastics Industry Association .


 "The Plastics Show" starts in 1946 and is hosted every three years. The Plastics Show keeps steadily increasing on its exhibitors ,exhibition square feet  ,  scale and visitors. American Plastics Industry is one of the largest American manufacturers and it has its leading position in Global Plastics Industry .The American Plastics Industry ' s annual export. Figure is more than 3.1 hundred billions US dollars. There are more than 1.4 million employees in the Plastics Industry in the USA.


Our Marketing Department and Manager  is on their way to Orlando.  NPE展图片.jpg


During  The Plastics Show  , 2100 exhibitors will show the world their innovative products on the area of 120 square feet in the exhibit. The representatives coming from 110 countries will interact and exchange their ideas and information with 11000 visitors .There will be lots of business opportunities in the Plastics Show and the exhibition will strengthen the global supply chain in The Plastics Industry . The theme for the Plastics Show is " We've got it covered" .

In "The Plastics Show" , we met lots of people from different countries and some of them were looking for  their molding suppliers.  Our company employees spent time talking and socializing with them and our employees developed a solid foundation for the firm. We even made some deals with some companies by the end of the exhibition.

In order to confront new challenges in the new phase,  Kewei Mold has developed for years , kewei mold has become one of the most competitive enterprises in The Plastic Molding Industry around the world. By socializing with different exhibitors ,We have expanded and strengthen our business in the international market .

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