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Precision mold of Kewei ·Continue to carry out safety production

Jun. 22, 2017

The fire safety work related to the development of enterprises and staff safety, combined with the various places in recent years large and small type of fire accident case, recently in August last year, Ma'anshan fire case,  it directly led to 5 people were killed on the spot, hope everyone to learn a lesson.

The main cause of the fire is still some practitioners of fire safety consciousness and the lack of basic skills and the necessary fire emergency / escape ability, as the popularity of excellence full fire safety knowledge, improve staff awareness of fire prevention, enhance staff, fighting, escape ability, can effectively prevent and reduce fire hazards. In April,  kewei organization to carry out a series of fire safety activities, the specific work is summarized as follows:

First, the leadership pay attention, publicity in place

Leadership attaches great importance to this event, in the signing of the activities of the program proposed to focus on fire safety activities, universal fire safety knowledge, requiring people at all levels to actively participate in activities. March 17th, administrative department to the form of e-mail and the announcement of formal notice to open the activities to "popularize fire safety knowledge, learn fire escape self-help skills" as the focus, to the staff of various departments to convey activities and carry out fire safety knowledge publicity and promotion of staff fire Safety skills, escape skills. At the same time all the publicity and education records unified feedback to the administrative archives record, also left a lot of practice practice moments.

Second, careful organization, diverse forms

1.April 1st, Section for the outstanding call to the company's employees to carry out fire control equipment, emergency escape skills training, 89 people participate in training  and all the examination acceptance.

2. For the actual inspection of all employees in the fire when the spot response and disposal capacity, April 10th, 2017 to inform the full form of mail this month will organize fire emergency evacuation exercises, the specific exercise time to take the form of non-notification. The exercise will be on the day shift and night shift work staff were emergency evacuation exercises, the goal of 2min full must be properly protected to escape to the designated area. The exercise of the staff action, the number of materials have been standard.

Third, summary upgrade

Safety responsibility is more important than Mount Taishan , fire safety no small matter. The end of the exercise concluded that fire safety is particularly important, we work not only to learn the skills of emergency escape, but also to master the fire fighting skills, in the face of the beginning of the fire we can save and save each other. Fire safety above all else, fire work long way to go, fire safety work is a difficult long-term task, not once and for all things. While we are strengthening the daily work management and the summary of the situation at the same time, we must continue to improve the lack of places to really establish a security awareness in the future. Only the combination of prevention and control in order to ensure that the company, personnel safety.

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